• Quilt Show!!
    This Saturday!

    Sept 10th 2022

    "Quilts in the Park"




    Martin Luther King Jr. Park

    900 Fuller St

    Grand Rapids Michigan 49506




  • Erica Millbrooks

  • Who is Erica Millbrooks?

    Founder, Host, Instructor

    " Where creativity reigns and ideas are infinite. "

    About me

    I am Quilter, Fashion Designer, Sewer, Teacher

    Threads Sewing Circle was created so that women can have fun together exploring the quilting world, fabric, colors, patterns and geometric shapes.

    Why Community?

    It reminds me that we are one and that together we can do it. Even if alone, we could not.

  • ArtPrize Entry "Ubuntu"

    September 3, 2021
    “It’s not about you, it's not about me, it’s about we” Using color, prints and patterns from my scrap-bin-- gleaned from past larger quilts-- I use fabric as art to tell a meaningful story of family, community and history. As I picked out pieces and sewed them together I was  inspired by...
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